National broadband network actually works?

The Australian government is implicating a nationwide internet network designed to connect all Australians to high speed internet. A big part of this scheme is getting it to every household in Australia. Anyone that knows basic world geography knows just how big that is as only about 65% of all Australians living in major cities which leave roughly 10 million people living in rural areas often hours away from the closest town. Unfortunately the result of the federal election this November will have a huge impact on the integrity of the scheme as both major parties want to do something different with the scheme. Currently the Labour party is promising all Australians will have access to around 1000mbs download speed and 400mbs upload speed which is a huge improvement to the national average of around 5mbs download and 50kbs upload. So why is this so important to us? Because with so many small businesses operating in rural areas now it’s important to have internet that they can trust and have fast access to as often they will deal with overseas clients. How is it good for the average Joe? The average download time for a HD movie from iTunes is roughly 2 hours (2.5 GB at 900kbs) Now imagine being able to download this in a matter of seconds or talk to relatives overseas in high definition video calls, everyone will befit from it somehow from schools, hospitals, traffic management and even just your average favourite T.V show download. The only problem with the NBN currently is the rollout process. As of march this year they were 125,000 homes behind on their installation process which was about a6 month setback on it. Not to mention the discovery of hundreds of old asbestos pits located in the Telstra ADSL2 interchanges. Basically everyone will benefit from it at some point whether they think it’s a waste of money or not. Embrace the digital age Australia, join the rest of the world.

Cody Harris 2013