How to: Minecraft Server

Hello and welcome to my video on how to get plugins for your minecraft server,
the first thing you need to do is get craftbukkit….
you want to get the latest reconmended build
Now do what i do…
you can call the file what ever you like,
you need to create a text document in the folder and copy and paste what im about to
this is your server
the text document needs to be called RUN.BAT but dont chaneg it to .BAT until you have pasted the code in
save as a .bat and double click on the bat file.
ok, now you have a server lets get some plugins….it is generating your world
go to the Get plugins tab…. duh
ok where going to get an chat plugin
and also a plugin called Essentials… this is a good base program to use with general comands..
you want to download these files
your server needs to be restarted everytime you install a plugin.
simply type Stop
now all you need to do is copy those .jar files into your plugins folder!
you may need to extract some, this requires a program caled winrar or 7zip ect….
click ok and extract
now i have copied them all into my plugins folder im going to start my server up, this will create all the you get what im trying to say, it
will creat all the files the plugin
needs to run correctly…
as you can see the plugins have loaded succesfully and it is up and running
notice how the plugins have created folders?
these folders have the config of the plugin and all that cool stuff in them… il show you what i mean
i HIGHLY recoment notepad++ as it simplefies almost every tricky thing about this kind of code..
as you can see its set out all nice, but if i run it in note pad or text editor
anyway, you can change lots of things about the vanilla multiplayer game eg im going to show you how to change chat
all i have to do now is restart my server and it should work i will have a quick look 😛
when you host a server all you have to type in the IP box is Localhost and it will connect you automatacaly
very simple,
you may need to configure the server options by doing such..
you can change the very basic server settings EG Difficulty and if flyings allowed ect make sure your you dont touch your ip or server port because thats
important for other people to joing you.

you also have many console commands such as op (EG) Elphartoo this will op this player and give him/her commands and control to build in the spawn radius…

now lets see if it all works….
when you done with the server just close it down and rate this video and i apologise for no sound my dog ate my mic…. not kidding!

For more information visit: Informational Video part one – Informational Video part two


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