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Halo: Combat Evolved

Bungie has always made sure their games are more than perfect, in almost every aspect the voice acting was near perfect with dozens of different actors the sound effects were unique and satisfying and not to mention the story line, ever since halo reach was released in stores in late 2010 (prequel to halo combat evolved) the sales have almost doubled and the once bare servers are having trouble supporting such a large and wonderful community.

Halo has exceptional character attitudes and personalities eg. some soldiers will cower away from the very aspect of battle but some cant help but to empty clips of various munitions into an unstoppable flurry of alien fire.

The weapons are also very unique, the covenant (being alien attackers who generally use sci-fi weapons that shoot corrosive plasma shots) and the UNSC (the human forces who tend to use over the top force to ensure victory even when they are ensured victory anyway.

The halo sound track was one in a million created by people who loved the game and spend countless days instructing their orchestra to get the perfect sound track.

the last thing i want to commend bungie for is their huge range of creations for example, their are literary a dozen different kinds of aliens that all fight in different ways and use unique tactics to take down there opponents, the only thing i can complain about is too much ammo all the time, i like games that makes you try to save ammo and grenades but halo shoves it in your face every 2 minutes.

James Bond 007 Goldeneye – N64
Golden eye was one of the first games i played and absolutely adore this game, It will have you so immersed in it you will loose track of time for hours on end. For a N64 game the gameplay was surprisingly good even though you have one control stick and a bunch of annoying buttons it played very well. Not only did it play well but it had character interaction (it made you feel like you where bond!) like jumping through a vent and silently killing an unsuspecting soviet soldier on the toilet or rescuing a room full of hostages and picking out multiple targets in rapid succession or shooting a control panel to take them all out at once ect…….

this game took N64 players breaths away with its awesome graphics ( for the era) and the way you played as bonds character and played out his personality.

not to mention multiplayer, one of the first and best N64 to include this feature, goldeneye split screen was the ultimate party entertainer how 4 players could choose which villan or hero they wanted to play as and even choose weapons before it started. to this day people love and enjoy this game for hours.

it is defiantly a game to remember and appreciate as one of the original console games i rated it 10/10 for graphics and (keep in mind where talking N64 graphics) gameplay at the time but to modern day standards i would rate it 9/10 still extremely high for an older game!

(c) cody harris


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