Microsoft Slowly Winning Back My Trust

The Explicit Gamer

Although I am a long way from trusting the once superior company in my book, Microsofts recent policy to remove update fees for developers gives me hope that they are moving to a more indie developer friendly system. As the previously policy stood, developers needed to pay 20,000 per update and other fees just to publish on the network. These fees have been removed to allow for easier development for smaller studios with lower funds.


A system that was once used to prevent game developers from releasing glitched and broken games, it has become a giant road block of the less fortunate developer. As Sony has always had easier development barriers which provided better, and more, indie games on the PSN, this step may help XBLA even out the playing field. Maybe they are fading away from greed or maybe they just see a flaw in their system. But no…

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