Zelda Wind Waker HD Only Took Six Months To Develop


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Zelda producer Eji Aonuma has told 4Gamer that The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for Wii U only took the developers six months to develop. However, Aonuma said that despite this, development was quite difficult as the team had to take into account the differences in hardware. Additionally Aonuma said that the game utilises a technique known as toon shading, which gives the game a very animated look which was hard to achieve.

4Gamer: I see. My impression is that there is a good balance between feeling of the original and a fresh feeling at the same time.

Aonuma: Yes. I thought it would be a waste to for this to simply be a test of the hardware. After that, I was told by staff, that this would not take too much time to develop. It takes a long time to develop a brand new game, so I…

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Jim Halpert: Qu…

Jim Halpert: Question. What kind of bear is best?
Dwight Schrute: That’s a ridiculous question.
Jim Halpert: False. Black bear.
Dwight Schrute: That’s debatable. There are basically two schools of thought–
Jim Halpert: Fact. Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
Dwight Schrute: Bears do not… What is going on?! What are you doing?!

One of my favourite quotes ever. (c) The Office

Simcity or Simshitty

Alright EA what the hell are you doing with Simcity, Months after its released you still haven’t fixed many of the bugs and problems that arose from the day the game came out. Like the friends list and the global stats. What’s going on with them. Not to mention the fact that it has to be connected to the internet to play and if you lose connection you lose all progress up till then. I noticed the other day they released a huge patch that included a whole heap of new content a new region and new graphics, but they still haven’t got around to making the game work properly. Honestly the fact they they can sell this game on Origin for $89 AU is ridiculous. I paid $59 when it was on sale 2 weeks after it came out (bargain) and I still feel like I got ripped off.

Ok so heres some problems I encountered the last time i played Simcity (yesterday) Also keep in mind this game came out months ago.


  1. The global stats still don’t exist
  2. The leaderboards are still broken
  3. I still have to quit the game if i lose connection for more than a few minutes
  4. Friends lists still barely work
  5. You have to be connected to even start the game (which is a big deal for me because my internet can be very sketchy) 
  6. I don’t know why it takes so long to save your city to their servers but i’m pretty sure its not supposed to take 12 minutes to save a game. 

I don’t know why I keep playing it so much I honestly don’t enjoy it as much as i enjoyed Simcity 4. 

To sum it up, EA you fucked it up this time. 

Steam Badges

I’m curious about what you guys think about steam badges and levels. The reason I ask is because I got my first badge today after accidentally buying a card of the market and since then I have got addicted to collecting them all. I don’t know whats so damn addictive about the cards but I feel like I need to get them all! Is it a waste of time or just another way steam can trick you into spending more money? who knows but I know what I’m doing tonight.

So tell me is there any point in getting them or is it pointless?